The Almshouse and Schoolroom is a charming and unique site comprising of several buildings dating back to the seventeenth century. The schoolroom is largely unchanged and contains many original features and furnishings.


The Almshouse was founded by Lady Margaret Hungerford, who lived with her husband Sir Edward Hungerford in nearby Corsham House (now known as Corsham Court). Sir Edward commanded Oliver Cromwell's Wiltshire forces during the English Civil War. The Hungerford family Arms still hang above the main entrance to the building, although are somewhat dwarfed by the Halliday Arms belonging to Lady Margaret’s family . Lady Margaret was widowed and childless when she built the Almshouse and Schoolroom in 1668. Ever mindful of Puritan conduct she wrote 45 ordinances for her beneficiaries to live by.


Though steeped in the 17th century the complex is very much alive today. Trustees continue to manage the property whilst volunteer guides welcome visitors from all over the world. Beneficiaries still live in the original six almshouses and a conversion to the stable block has created four further dwellings. The schoolroom and grounds are occasionally used for outside events – you could even chance upon a local choir enjoying the acoustics of the fine old building!

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The 17th Century Almshouse and Schoolroom, Pound Pill, Corsham, SN13 9HT



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The 17th Century Almshouse and Schoolroom, Pound Pill, Corsham, SN13 9HT